You Can’t Heat an Oven With Snowballs

You Can’t Heat an Oven With Snowballs

One of America’s leading motivational speakers, Cavett Robert, once told me:

“You can’t heat an oven with snowballs.”

His reference was aimed at the fact that you must first put the wood in the stove, before it has any chance of providing you heat.  Similarly, many corporations tend to expect results from their people without first providing them with the skills or competency training required to do the job.

Today’s business climate is subject to this occurrence more often than at any time in the last three decades because the baby boomers are coming of age.

If we take a close look at the sales structure of many of today’s companies, we see several scary and potentially dangerous  situations converging.  First is the aging of today’s field sales managers.  Starting in January 2011, more than 10,000 baby boomers a day will turn 65, a pattern that will continue for the next 19 years.   As more and more of these professional sales managers  retire and exit their positions, companies are going to be faced with the necessity of hiring and on-boarding new salespeople.  This will cause tremors in the Executive offices of even the best managed companies.

The question is how do we equip future sales managers to do one of the most difficult job?

Although the role of sales management professionals is multidisciplinary, their primary responsibilities are: (1) setting goals for the sales-force; (2) planning, budgeting, and organizing a program to achieve those goals; (3) implementing the program and coaching their sales teams; and (4) controlling and evaluating the results.  In addition, many sales managers continue to sell in their positions. As these professionals retire, their knowledge on how to effectively complete these tasks leaves with them.

Therefore, the ability to capture these competencies and skill sets is a “NOW” priority.  In 36- to 48-months from now, capturing this internal corporate expertise will be virtually impossible or prohibitively expensive.  Right now is the time to bottle best practices or “to put the wood in the stove” regarding sales management skills, such as conducting performance assessments.

If it is not high on your corporate to do list, your company could experience a difficult and chilling performance from some of your future’s most important and valuable people.

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