Our People

Andy Jenkins

Andy Jenkins is the president of TEAM Denver LLC and for the past 30 years has created interactive sales tools, product knowledge training solutions and skills development workshops that focus on increasing top line sales revenue.  His expertise is centered on the design, development and delivery of Computer-Based Training (CBT) Programs and sales Tools for a diverse  list of global clients.Andy works with major manufacturers in the Automotive, Agricultural, Construction and Industrial markets.  He leads TEAM’s efforts in providing leading-edge, web-enable education and industry specific sales tools to improve sales skills, product knowledge, and provide a competitive edge for field sales organizations around the world.  Most recently, Andy is developing and delivering interactive sales presentations for iPads and Android tablets that help TEAM’s clients maximize the use of this exciting new sales tool.Andy coined the phrase “Shoulder-to-Shoulder” Selling, a term which helped to define the growth of laptop computer usage in the selling process for a generation of salespeople.  His initiation of “Fact-Based Selling” as a methodology for presenting true competitive comparisons thru technology is recognized as a leading educational medium and process.Prior to joining TEAM, Andy served as Director of Marketing for Wynn’s Automotive Products and as National Training Manager for B.F. Goodrich Corporation based in Akron, Ohio.Andy holds a BA degree in Marketing from the University of Delaware and resides with his wife and two children in Centennial, Colorado.