Our Process

Our Process


The TEAM development process is based on the belief that “People Support What They Help to Create!”  Therefore, our process is designed to include key individuals in the development process.

PHASE 1 – Design Teams

  • TEAM coordinates and conducts a one-day Design Team Meeting.
  • We include key personnel in the meeting, such as your salespeople, sales managers, training personnel, and marketing /technical service.  This allows us to get a complete understanding of the needs of your organization.
  • TEAM’s detailed SWOT analysis, along with program-specific discussions, identifies what
    we need to know to create the initial outline and flow of the project.
  • The Design Team becomes the “governing body” – overseeing, modifying and approving
    all that we do.

PHASE 2- Design and Develop

  •  Instructional designers  develop everything in your project based on your input.
  •  The content, exercises, role plays, sales tools and activities ensure participation throughout the learning process.
  •  TEAM can develop new graphics or incorporate existing graphics to create a custom-designed look for each project.
  • We complete video production, multimedia authoring, Intranet programming or desktop publishing to deliver the “master” to you for approval.

PHASE 3- Implementation and Follow-up

  • Because you own everything we create, the duplication process is hassle-free.
  • TEAM will develop a rollout plan together with you that best suits your needs.
  • TEAM facilitators can “do it all” or we can help your team “take the lead.”
  • Follow-up and reinforcement are critical. Therefore, TEAM can prepare Coaching Guides specific to your project or play an active role in coaching your team.
  • Our goal is to “Exceed your Expectations…No Matter What it Takes!”