Shoulder-to-Shoulder Sales Tools

Shoulder-to-Shoulder Sales Tools

“The STST is a very visual tool that is easy to use – with video, animations, testimonials, and value calculator tools.  It is also very easy to translate.”


Jean-Patrick Yekpe
Commercial Training Europe & North America
New Holland Agriculture

Does your sales team have the tools to create and fully articulate the value of your product or solution? 


Do you need to drive presentation consistency yet still have the flexibility to effectively respond to your customers?


TEAM can help you develop Shoulder-to-Shoulder sales tools (STSTs) to aide your sales team in communicating the competitive advantages of your product or solution and support those claims with test results and facts.

This interactive sales presentation tool puts everything your salespeople need to make an effective sales call in their hands.  Visually attractive content creates an engaging presentation that your advertising agency can approve of.  However, the mix of customer / distributor testimonials, video product demonstrations, and links to supporting technical documentation makes it a tool your sales team can embrace.

In addition, TEAM can help you effectively capture and communicate your competitive advantages in the marketplace using fact-based selling.  Now, your sales people won’t just claim they are better, they’ll be able to prove it


  • Visually appealing presentation content
  • Multimedia content, such as video, audio, web links and document attachments
  • Non-linear presentation format makes it perfect for every sales call
  • Can be easily updated
  • Accessible without an internet connection
  • Multiple language support

Delivery Formats:

  • PC-based
  • iPad / iPhone applications
  • Android tablets or cell phones
  • Internet-based

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