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The STST is a very visual tool that is easy to use – with video, animations, testimonials, and value calculator tools.  It is also very easy to translate.
The results with TEAM Denver LLC are fantastic.  Since working with TEAM Denver LLC we’ve noticed that our sales people are far more enthusiastic in selling the product.  As a consequence our sales have gone up, our market share has gone up and the morale in the entire sales organization has gone up.

Jean-Patrick Yekpe
Manager – Commercial Training – Europe and NA
New Holland Agriculture

TEAM helped us change the culture of our company.  I would recommend TEAM on a variety of metrics. If you’re looking for an action oriented partner, they’re absolutely going to be there with you at the table, but they will do it collaboratively with you.  Each project is customized to the needs of each individual company.
To me it’s about partnership and over a long period of years, TEAM has demonstrated they are a partnership oriented and a partnership value based organization.

Royal Cole
Executive Vice President
Western Union

Let me tell you what we’ve received from TEAM – When I was at Molex we increased our sales 9 fold over three years.  And when I was at Clipsal and asked TEAM to come back again and help us get a professional sales TEAM, we grew from under 10 million to 120 million in 4 years.  TEAM helped us do that.
One of the issues every sales person faces is a price objection.  This issue is common no matter where you are in the world.  TEAM will help you overcome that consistently, effectively and you’re your sales people confidence to overcome this key objection.

Royce McDonald
Vice President – Hotel Solutions
Schneider Electric

TEAM helped build a core of nine programs that became the foundation for Coors University, addressing the needs of over 4000 people. And we had true behavior change that impacted our business results for the positive.
The reason I would recommend TEAM to others is really simple – they’re professional, they’re dependable and they drive learning results that are directly linked to the company’s growth and success.

Richard Bartlett
Director – Training & Development
Coors Brewing Company

One of the things that impresses me most about TEAM is their industry knowledge, which translates in to higher value in the tools and training solutions we’ve built together.
I would recommend TEAM without hesitation to deliver quality content.  They have worked with us for over 20 years. I would turn to TEAM before I use any other companies I have worked with here at DuPont.

Tim Carmack
Marketing Manager
DuPont Performance Coatings

The return we’ve had, thanks to TEAM, has been extraordinary. Not just financial returns but also a return of confidence.  The reaction we’ve had from the people who went through the training was extraordinary.  I received letters, emails and phone calls from dealers all over Europe saying that this was one of the best things they’ve ever seen from New Holland.
We’ve seen extraordinary returns that have paid off every time.  Next time I do a new product launch, I’ll be going back to TEAM to do it again.

Simon Thornton
Vice President – Europe
New Holland Agriculture

The reason we chose TEAM was two-fold. Number one was their experience in the selling area – we wanted somebody with credibility so the sales force would feel comfortable with what they were learning in the process.  Number two, is that they have broad knowledge of other multi-national companies on the scale and size of 3M, so they have credibility and knowledge based on the customers they do business with.

Ron Teece
National Sales Manager
3M Commercial Care

We had to communicate to 8500 field sales associates in a two week period a very complex set of situations and experiences.  TEAM Denver LLC wrapped this up in a dramatic way, which was effective to communicate to all levels of the selling organization, from 18-year-old, inexperienced kids, to 40 year veterans.  And TEAM pulled it off with great success that we’ve seen results from right away.
In short, TEAM Denver LLC  delivers.  That’s their message, that’s their purpose and they do deliver.  They’re highly flexible, they deliver on time, they deliver on budget.  And for the customer (us), the results are there immediately.

Lane Blackburn
Vice President

TEAM has not only been a good investment, but they’ve been a blessing to our organization. They have really made us what we are today.
If you want to improve your sales processes and your sales peoples’ performance, which everybody does and everybody needs to do in the competitive environment we work in today, you have to call TEAM.

Mike Lawrence
All Star Distributing, Inc.